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Multi-plank specialists

Bamfloori is a company with a lot of history in wood and wood products. As a company, we’ve gained a lot of experience in producing multi-plank oak floors and keeping them affordable over the years.

Specialising in multi-plank Bamfloori

Bamfloori is a young and dynamic company with a passion for wood and wood products. At the same time, we care about the environment and the future of our planet. Therefore, we produce an ecological alternative to traditional solid oak flooring with the same strong quality and appearance: oak multi-plank flooring.

Besides our eco-friendly motive, we have another motive for our specialization. We would like to provide everyone’s home with a beautiful and attractive oak floor within everyone’s wallet. Price, quality, and the many possibilities of multi-plank floors come first with us. Tailored to your needs.


Inspired? Want to know more about BamFloori’s multiplank floors and the possibilities for your interior? Call or email us, we’d love to help.


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